How do I use Twitter?

My last post served as a short introduction to Twitter. Through my regular research, I found this awesome video from Howcast that covers a little of the same material and touches on some new points. If you’re new to Twitter or still researching it, it’s worth the watch! I’ve also added a few bits of Twitter lingo below the video to help you understand terms you might hear/see in the Twitterverse.


Some Twitter Lingo

Twitterverse/TwitterLand – the virtual cyberspace of everything Twitter

#Hashtag – a word or group of words (no spaces!) preceded with the # sign which is used to signify an event, group, thought, etc… Hashtags are mostly used to give people the ability to keep tweets grouped together. For example, #wcdfw09 is the hashtag we are using for all tweets concerning our upcoming WordCamp Dallas 2009.

Retweet – if you see a particular tweet that you like and want to promote, you can “retweet” it by rebroadcasting it to your followers. Accepted syntax is to place “RT” (no quotes) at the front of the tweet. You should also give credit to the original poster by placing @user (replace user with their user name). Since this might push your tweet over 140 chars, it’s acceptable to make slight modifications, just try to keep the original idea intact.

These are just a few bits of lingo I wanted to share. I’ll cover more in the future as well as go more into depth on certain ones.

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