How to take a screenshot of your iPod Touch or iPhone screen

So you received a funny text message you want to capture…

Or you got that great high score on your iPhone version of Frogger

Maybe you think you are sporting the most efficient iPhone button configuration and you want to show it off (since the new software update now allows iPhone users to configure their buttons through iTunes)…

Whatever the reason, you can easily grab a screen capture with the iPhone/iPod Touch itself.

There’s no app to buy. As long as your software is greater then 2.0, it’s a standard feature on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

To make your screenshot/screen capture:

While holding the Home button…


Press the Wake/Sleep button.


If successful, the screen will flash white and you can find your screen capture in your Photos app.



UPDATE: This also works with the iPad and iPad2 which were not released when this article was written. Enjoy!


  1. says

    Sweet! I’ve always wondered how to get an iphone screenshot. I only just figured out how to export a voicemail message to my PC. Now, images too. I wish I’d have known about the screen capture when I got my Bookworm highscore (over 5 million since you asked :)

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